Comfort Patients Remember

When patients feel comfortable, their fear and anxiety are reduced. They’ll remember the care and comfort your practice provides after sitting in a dental chair enhanced by the Crescent Bodyrest System.

Consisting of four integrated pads that easily fit into your existing dental chair, the Bodyrest System cradles patients and promotes access to the oral cavity. In fact, the Headrest tilts the patient’s head back to naturally turn the jaw up and open. The pads work together to align, support, calm and relax your patients.

Why not offer superior comfort as part of the patient experience at your clinic? Keep patients coming back because their comfort is a priority to you.

Full Bodyrest Chair Pad – Memory foam cushions the full length of the Bodyrest pad to conform to the patient’s body and provide pressure point relief as it fills voids in spaces between patient and dental chair.

Headrest – Memory foam pillow supports the patient’s neck as she or he reclines while the slope of the cushion allows the patient’s head to gently tilt backwards and for the jaw to naturally turn up in an open-forward position.

Backrest – Sitting for extended periods of time without lower back support can create pain in the lower back and legs. This pad fills the natural gap formed between the patient’s back and the dental chair and memory foam cushions and supports the lumbar region.

Knee Support – Helps stabilize and align patient in dental chair as well as alters the angle of the hips to release further pressure on the lower back and hips.

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