Tips for Avoiding Dental Malpractice Claims

dental malpractice

Every dental practice works hard to treat their patients properly, but every one of them also knows there malpractice complaints are always a possibility. That’s why it’s essential ensure the standard for care is always met or exceeded. Some of the common situations that lead to dental malpractice claims include: Mistakes with treatment or misdiagnosis. […]

How Dentists Can Communicate Better with Patients

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Even if you are an excellent dentist who can provide the most advanced treatments, a lack of compassion and communication when dealing with your patients can significantly undermine your practice. Learning how to better communicate with your patients whether on the telephone, during an examination or in your follow-up consultation can help your patients feel […]

Solving the Common Hazards Facing Dental Operators

dental operators

Improving smiles is rewarding. However, dentistry is a high-risk profession, according to the experts and the latest research. After years of hunching over and using small instruments, dentists and hygienists may encounter at least one of the following problems: Infectious Diseases In dental clinics, stringent protocols are in place not only to protect everyone but […]

How to Get More Referrals for Your Dental Office

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Referrals are the key to growing any business, but word of mouth is especially important for dentists. Every dental clinic offers the same basic services; it’s hard to differentiate the difference between dental services among offices. What does change from office to office is the environment created and the experience provided to the patient. Patients […]