About Crescent Products

Crescent Products is a leader in dental chair accessories. From Headrests to full Bodyrest Systems, we create ergonomic dental chair products that help dentists provide comfort and care to patients of all ages and body types.

We began making our first Bodyrest System in 1997. To this day, we are still the only manufacturer of full dental chair Bodyrest Systems that cushion and support patients even during long procedures.

Dentist-Rated and DPS Recommended

Dental Practitioners and Ergonomics Experts highly rate our memory foam headrests and other accessories. Our products have been recommended by many for their ergonomic design, which helps position patients comfortably, reducing discomfort and anxiety and allowing dentists and hygienists to work more comfortably. When patients are positioned properly, dentists and hygienists can focus on their own posture, reducing fatigue, strain and the threat of injury.

Made in the U.S.A. Shipped to Right to Your Office

All our products are manufactured right here in the United States, allowing us to maintain complete control over the quality of the materials — from the memory foam core to the comfortable, waterproof covers — that go into every one of our dental chair accessories.

We ship everywhere in the U.S., and even have shipping options for Canadian offices. Our products can be purchased from many online stores. If you see our products on sale for less, ask about our Price Match Guarantee.

Care. Comfort. Crescent.

Crescent Bodyrest System is the answer for dentists who want to transform a patient’s experience in their dental chairs. It will reduce anxiety of dental-phobic patients, relax patients undergoing extensive procedures, stabilize and comfort geriatric patients, calm children and diminish pain for patients with lower back, hip, knee and neck issues.

We are committed to providing you with the finest dental chairs accessories in the industry and are continually improving our products with innovative designs. Check our online store frequently to find new products and color options. For more information on our dental chair accessories, contact Crescent Products today.

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