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The Perfect Headrest
for Every Patient
Low Profile | Original | Geriatric
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The Original Dental Headrest

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Maximize Comfort and
Reduce Fatigue
Our dental chair accessories are ergonomically designed
to reduce strain on dental professionals while
providing unmatched comfort for patients.
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The Original Dental Headrest

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Dental Chair Accessories

bethany valachi
I helped Crescent develop this pillow to fill a void for dentists with double-articulating headrests. The original pillow was just too large to properly position patients when treating the upper arch in a D.A. headrest. This low-profile pillow is an invaluable addition to every operatory with a double-articulating headrest. When the chair headrest is properly positioned (angled down) for the upper arch, the edge of the headrest can cut into the patient’s occipital area and cause discomfort. Proper placement of the low profile pillow will make the patient more tolerant to reclining and to the extended headrest, so the doctor can maintain their best, upright posture.

~Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS
  Founder and CEO of Posturedontics

jamie oshidar
I was looking for a comfortable and ergonomic solution to improve our dental chairs. The Crescent Bodyrest Systems were a great find. We have eight systems and have had them for about one year. They provide stability and comfort to patients and our team appreciates the headrest, which positions the patient’s head to tilt at an angle that helps prevent strain to our neck and shoulders.


~Jamie Oshidar, DMD
Roselle Park Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

douglas shamp
The new low-profile headrest is perhaps the best version of headrest Crescent has designed to date; they’re not too high, they’ve got the soft memory foam in them for patient comfort, and they’re ergonomic for my assistants and myself. Overall, Crescent pads are incredibly durable and patients like them. We keep all of the pads in one central location so any of our staff can quickly get to them. This makes them very user-friendly. I think that’s an important feature of the Crescent pads—they’re not a hassle and they’re easy to clean and have ready for the next patient.


~Dr. Douglas Shamp
Forestview Family Dentistry

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