Crescent's Bodyrest System's Ergonomic Design Reduces Workplace Pain

At Crescent Products, we try to give the staff at dental offices as much information about our dental headrest as possible. That’s why our website features detailed comparisons about each of our headrest options, the full Crescent Bodyrest System, and each of the various dental chair accessories we have available.

​But one question we often get asked before our partners give our products a try is, “What makes your products superior?”

For most dental product companies the answer to this question isn’t always an easy one to answer. At Crescent Products, we can confidently say our product is better. We work directly with industry leaders to make our dental chair accessories, like our dental headrest, comfortable so that patients will always want to return for future appointments. Our ergonomic design is a feature that both patients and dental providers can value.

The Difference a Dental Headrest Can Make

Our dental headrest is just one of the many products we offer for dental offices. But, it’s quite possibly one of the most important, as well. Our headrests come available in three different styles: low-profile, original and geriatric.

Each of these headrests is uniquely designed for specific needs presented by dentists for their patients. For example, the original and geriatric headrests pair with dental chairs created with flat headrests. It provides a more comfortable position for the patient, while also preventing strain for the person performing the examination. And, the low-profile headrest pairs with a double-articulating headrest dental chair and provides an ergonomic solution for dentists, while still being comfortable for patients.

Dental Chair Accessories that Fit the Mold

Our complete Crescent Bodyrest System includes everything a patient needs to experience optimum comfort during their exam. More specifically, this includes a full length chair pad, a dental headrest, a backrest pad, and a knee support pad.

Designed to fill voids between the patient and a dental chair, our accessories conform to a patient’s body, eliminate pain from pressure points, and naturally align the patient for easier examinations. We designed our system this way to ensure patients feel comfortable, so their anxieties are reduced and they can relax throughout their appointment.

An Ergonomic Design Dentists Love

Unlike our competitor’s products, ours weren’t just designed with patients in mind. Our products position patients in a unique way that is better for the career longevity of dentists and hygienists. Because when the people performing the examinations have less stress and strain on their bodies, they’ll be able to work longer without taking a break and be able to provide better care to their patients in the long run.

Partnering with Crescent Products

At Crescent Products, we hear every day just how much the dentists and their staff members love our products. So, it’s no surprise that this drives us to be passionate about the products we have available for dental offices.

We’re fortunate to be able to help both patients and dentists alike and we look forward to helping your team, as well. It’s simple to partner with Crescent Products: find our products online or contact our team to discover how our dental chair accessories can make a difference for your business today.

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