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Crescent’s collection of dental chair accessories has been the gold standard in the dental industry since the company’s founding in 1997. Developed in collaboration with dental professionals, our dental chair accessories were designed to blend comfort for patients with precise ergonomics that give dental professionals the access and angles they need to avoid fatigue and perform at their best.  

Our flagship product, the complete Crescent Signature Bodyrest System, provides the ultimate combination of all our great dental chair accessories at the best price, but dental professionals can also purchase our unique Headrests, Backrests, Knee Supports and Chair Pads as standalone treatment aids. 

Featuring proprietary ergonomic designs and premium memory foam, our dental chair accessories are built to stand the test of time and create a memorable in-office experience for your patients. All of our products are covered in a medical grade vinyl that is easy to clean and comes in a wide variety of colors that match the décor of any dental practice.

dental chair headrests

Dental Headrests and Neck Pillows 

The dental chair accessories that started it all. Dental headrests from Crescent Products are ergonomically designed to gently guide the patient’s head into the optimal treatment position, allowing operators to work comfortably. The slope of the cushions allow the patient’s head to gently tilt backwards and for the jaw to naturally turn up in an open-forward position. This reduces strain on the operator's wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and back. Three dental pillow options are available: Original (for flat headrest chairs), Low Profile (for double-articulating headrests) and Geriatric (for senior patients). 

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dental chair pad

Dental Chair Pads and Support Pillows

From full-length memory foam Chair Pads to Backrests and Knee Supports, Crescent’s dental chair pads are specially designed to position patients comfortably, relieving pain and pressure on their hips, knees and backs. Child booster seats also help lift children off the dental chair and optimally position them for x-ray imaging and treatment. 

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Crescent Products Bodyrest System

Full Bodyrest Systems

Crescent’s Bodyrest System combines all four of Crescent’s major products — the Chair Pad, Headrest, Backrest, and Knee Support — to create the most elevated dental experience possible. All four components work together to perfectly align patients for their maximum comfort while reducing strain and fatigue for dental operators. Save when you purchase the entire Crescent Products experience all at once. 

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Color Options to Match Any Dental Office

Dark Teal | Gray | Beige | Navy | Brown | Black

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