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The Right Dental Headrest Makes All the Difference

Choosing the best headrest for your dental chair is important. Crescent offers three different dental headrests based on the type of patients you treat and style of dental chairs used in your practice. Whether your dental chairs have a flat headrest or a double-articulating headrest, Crescent Products has dental chair accessories that fit your needs.

Low-Profile Headrest

Treating maxillary teeth with proper visualization and posture can be challenging and can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain. Developed in collaboration with Dental Ergonomics Expert, Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS, Crescent Products’ Low-Profile Headrest is our most popular dental headrest. The Low-Profile Headrest works equally well with flat headrest dental chairs, but it was specifically designed for double-articulating headrest chairs to improve patient comfort and allow for better ergonomic positioning, improved posture, and increased career longevity for dentists and hygienists.

Recommended For:

  • Flat Headrest Chair | Double Articulating Headrest Chair
  • Adults | Petite Adults | Children | Seniors

Original Headrest

We recommend the Original Headrest for adult patients in dental chairs with a flat headrest. This headrest has proven to be comfortable for patients while allowing dental operators to maintain an ergonomic position. It simulates the positioning of an articulating headrest, which helps prevent strain for operators while providing maximum neck support for the patient.

Recommend For:

  • Flat Headrest Chair
  • Adults

Geriatric Headrest

The Geriatric Headrest is best used with a flat headrest dental chair. It is designed for older patients who have difficulty reclining their heads. This dental headrest also simulates the positioning of an articulating headrest and offers an additional two inches of support.

Recommend For:

  • Flat Headrest Chair
  • Seniors

Maximum Comfort + Precise Ergonomics

"The orientation of the occlusal plane when treating the upper arch can make or break your posture and your career! The more the occlusal plane of the upper arch gets in front of the vertical plane, the more it pulls the operator into a forward, hunched posture. I realized that most dental professionals do not position patients correctly in the double- articulating headrest due to fear of their patient’s discomfort. That’s why this new Low-Profile Headrest is so important. Patients find them extremely comfortable, which enables them to tolerate extended positions during upper arch treatment. This directly translates to better posture and comfort for the operator."

- Dental Ergonomics Expert Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS

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