dental headrests

A relaxed patient makes a dentist’s work quicker, easier, and less of a strain on both the patient and dentist. That’s the power of a dental headrest pillow. These dental chair accessories are an essential part of any dentist’s office because they support the patient’s head and neck during dental procedures, allowing dentists and hygienists to work more comfortably. 

What Is a Dental Headrest Pillow?

A dental headrest pillow is a cushion made of high-density memory foam that is attached to the back of a dental chair headrest that allows the dentist to tilt a patient’s head during treatment. Examples of memory foam dental headrest pillows include: 

1. Low-Profile Dental Headrest Pillow

This option boasts a unique design for double-articulating headrest chairs, which allows the dentist to fine-tune the patient’s head position with its height and depth features. These headrests feature a slope-shape that supports the cervical spine and neck, helping dentists tilt a patient’s head slightly backward by up to 20 degrees. 

2. Original Dental Headrest Pillows

These dental headrest pillows provide general support in dental chairs with flat headrests. Dentists use them in minor treatment and diagnostic procedures that don’t take long. Furthermore, the thick memory foam makes them more comfortable than the chair’s headrest. 

3. Geriatric Headrest Pillow

These dental headrest pillows help dentists serve older patients with difficulties reclining their heads, especially during lengthy treatment procedures. 

The Importance of Proper Patient Positioning During Dental Treatment

Proper patient positioning helps dentists perform their work efficiently and effectively. On the other hand, improper positioning can cause injury and pain to the dentist because of straining when attending to a patient. These headrests provide ample patient positioning, making the working environment conducive. A dental headrest pillow can help dentists treat better in the following ways: 

1. Making Patients More Comfortable

Most people are not comfortable when dentists touch their mouths. It worsens when they sit on uncomfortable chairs that make them uneasy and follow the dentist’s every move. However, dental headrest pillows make them relax and lessen their pain, paving the way for a more comfortable and smoother experience. 

2. Reducing Patient Anxiety

A visit to the dentist brings anxiety, especially to first-time patients. Dental headrest pillows alleviate anxiety by helping patients relax and trust the dentists during treatments. Patients can lie back and relax, leading to a peaceful experience between the two. 

3. Allowing Dentists to Treat More Efficiently

Proper patient positioning helps dentists concentrate on their work without any strain or discomfort on their bodies. It helps them save time and provide better results because the patient’s discomfort doesn’t distract them. 

4. Reducing Pain Experienced by Dentists

Long working hours and swift movements make dentists experience pain and discomfort. Dental treatment demands concentration and repetitive movements, which makes dentists work in difficult positions. Dental headrest pillows reduce pain by promoting better posture and reducing strain and injury on the dentists’ bodies. 

The Effects of Poor Working Posture on Dentists

Working in an unconducive posture is a primary cause of musculoskeletal pain in dentists. It results from prolonged sitting and working in delicate positions that strain the back, neck, and shoulders. The headrest pillows improve working postures because dentists position patients in a way that helps them work comfortably. 

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