Attracting new clients is a big part of generating revenue for your dental practice; retaining said clients, however, is just as important. Statistics show that businesses must invest much more money to pull in new clients as opposed to keeping older ones around. Long-term patients are also more likely to recommend your practice to other potential clients. Here is a breakdown of a few simple ways you can enhance your clients’ experience and facilitate patient loyalty. 

1. Make a Good First Impression

First impressions are important, and in this digital age, you’ll likely be making your first impression on your client before they ever walk through your door. Having a professional, organized website that you update regularly to show that you are invested in your patients and care that their experience is convenient. It’s equally important to make a positive impact on a patient when they first come into the lobby. Remember that patients want to be greeted with friendly staff and a clean environment. 

2. Watch Your Chairside Manner

When treating any patient, you’ll want to be both friendly and reassuring. Be in tune with any anxiety they may be feeling and address any concerns that they may express to you. Get on your client’s level by using layman’s terms to help them feel more comfortable and better understand exactly what they’re going to be experiencing in your chair. Being clear and communicative will help ease patients’ fears and build positive client-dentist relationships.  

3. Stay Up to Date on Your Tech

Outdated tools and practices may set you behind your competitors and potentially drive away clients. Having the latest technology in your office will cultivate a more comfortable and efficient experience for patients, by allowing you to make more accurate diagnoses and provide quality treatment.  

4. Don’t Wait to Schedule Appointments

Being on top of scheduling follow-up appointments is an easy way to help you maintain clients. By having patients schedule their next appointment before they leave your office, it’ll show that you’re invested in their health and care about them as a patient.   

5. Keep Your Clients Engaged

Appealing to and following up with your clients digitally is one of the best ways to retain them as patients. Emails with interactive links such as post-visit surveys keep clients engaged, as do things like text reminders leading up to an appointment. Having online check-in as a more efficient option for clients is another way to make their experience with your practice positive.  

Patients will stay loyal to a dentist they can trust. By providing a positive environment and showing your patients you care, you can ensure a positive experience for long-term clients that will keep them coming back to you year after year. 


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