crescent bodyrest system

More than 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from anxiety, fear or discomfort during dental treatments. This is a major concern for dental operators, who often struggle to keep their patients comfortable and calm during cleanings and treatment.

Nervous patients who frequently move are problematic for multiple reasons:

  1. The often avoid the dentist outright
  2. They can excessively move around, making treatment more difficult
  3. They can force dental operators to maintain uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.

Some of these issues pose risks to both the patient and dentistal operators. Thankfully, there are products that not only position patients properly, they also keep them calm and comfortable. Dentists can alleviate patient anxiety and discomfort and provide them with a more comfortable experience using:

Dental Headrests

Comfortable, ergonomic and easy to clean, dental headrests are great for patients and dentists alike. Their unique design gently guides the patient’s head backwards, alleviating pressure on the occiput while allowing dentists easy access to treatment areas. Proper positioning of the head allows for maximum patient comfort.

There are headrests for every type of patient and dental chair. Low profile headrests are ideal for chairs with double-articulating headrests, while Geriatric headrests are ideal for older patients who have difficulty reclining their heads.


Backrests offer specialized comfort for patients, properly supporting their lumbar spine while they are seated in a dental chair. Crescent backrests alleviate pressure points in the back that are formed during procedures, making it easier for patients to remain seated for long periods of time. They fill the natural gap that forms between the patient’s back and dental chair, alleviating pain and pressure in the lower back and legs.

Knee Supports

Normal dental chairs do very little to support a patient’s knees. This often leads to excess pressure being placed on the hips. Knee support pads comfortably lift a patient’s knees, providing support and stabilization that aligns a patient’s back and hips. This helps to  significantly alleviate pressure and pain, especially during lengthy procedures.

One Great System. One Great Solution.

The Crescent Bodyrest system is the premier dental experience for patients. It combines four specialized products — headrests, knee support pads, backrests and comfortable chair pads — into a single system that will have patients wanting to come back to your office. Discover more about the benefits of using Crescent Products by visiting our store.