Pediatric dentists know well how hard it can be to treat children, especially if they have to undergo longer procedures than a normal cleaning. Dental anxiety is a real concern for many patients, and it can be worse in children. They can often be uncooperative and restless during treatment, which causes them to move about in the chair. This can create a dangerous situation for dentists and young patients. While there are things dentists can do to make it easier for young patients to relax while they are being treated, there are also some dental chair accessories that can make treating children easier and more comfortable for both patients and providers. 

Dental Chair Headrests

Dental headrests are more than a simple pillows, they are treatment aids that do four major things: 

  1. They position the child’s head properly, allowing dentists to reach all areas of the mouth without contorting their bodies 
  2. They stabilize the patient’s head, keeping it still during treatment 
  3. They provide an extra level of comfort for the child, allowing them to hold the optimal treatment position for longer 
  4. They help keep the child calm, reducing anxiety and restlessness 

We Recommend the Low-Profile Headrest

Our Low-Profile Headrest is designed for use with many patients, especially children. This shorter headrest is designed for ergonomic positioning and patient comfort in double-articulating headrest chairs. It is ideal for smaller patients (like children), providing them with a comfortable place to rest their head during treatment. 

Child Booster Seats

Child booster seats need to have several key qualities: 

  1. They need to be comfortable 
  2. They need to be supportive 
  3. They need to be fun and easy for children to use 

Child booster seats not only provide a stable and padded surface for children, they also make it easier for dentists to work, all while providing a bit of fun for children who may be a bit uncertain about their trip to the dentist. 

Let your pediatric patients explore their booster seat. Encourage them to get into on their own. This can help familiarize themselves with the seat before using it. This engagement can help make your office a more friendly and inviting place for them. 

We Recommend a Booster Seat with Printed Images

While there are plenty of color options for child booster seats, allowing you to fit them to the color scheme of your office, we recommend using one with printed designs on them. This makes them even more inviting to young and apprehensive patients. 


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