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Keeping your dental office a bit on the cold side has its benefits. It can help prevent the multiplication and spread of bacteria and other pathogens, aid in the development of x-ray film, and keep you from overheating while working. But is that cool, 68-degree temperature you keep your office at making it uncomfortable for your patients?

Some people may appreciate it but for many patients, it creates an uncomfortable environment. Not everyone is prepared with long sleeves and sweaters to keep them warm during longer procedures, and you can’t exactly pump up the heat to make it any easier on them.

How to Keep Patients Warm

While blankets can be used, you run the risk of them getting in the way and becoming a distraction during treatment. Instead of covering up your patients, a simple way to keep them warm is to change the material that they are seated on. But before you go out and invest in new dental chairs, instead consider a much more economical option:memory foam headrests and body chair pads.

How Does Memory Foam Keep Patients Warm

The inherent structure of memory foam helps keep patients warm. Because it is such a dense substance, it naturally prevents air from flowing through it. Without this ventilation, the surface naturally traps heat and keeps those who lie on it wamer.

Memory foam also significantly relieves pressure on the hips, shoulders, elbows and heels and reduces pressure points. This relief allows for more blood circulation, which increases body temperature. It will also keep your patients more comfortable during long procedures.

Overheating is a problem that many memory foam mattress makers have been trying to solve for years. Memory foam is extremely comfortable, and it keeps you warm, but it can cause sleepers to wake up overheating in the middle of the night. Thankfully, this side effect of memory foam can be used to your advantage when treating your patients. They will remain comfortable, warm and less anxious throughout the entire treatment.

Memory Foam Dental Chair Accessories

At Crescent Products, we have a whole set of dental chair accessories that are ergonomically designed to keep comfortable and warm. You can buy the whole set in one of our bodyrest systems, or purchase a few of the pieces (headrest, knee support, backrest, etc.) individually.

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