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We know our products work, and many dentists agree with us. Our dental customers have said that our dental chair accessories, specifically our Low Profile headrest, are the perfect solution for supporting a patient’s head and neck during long dental procedures. But how do they work? There is a science behind our products that is based in ergonomics. They not only help position patients so that they are more comfortable, they also allow dentists and hygienists to maintain a better posture and work more efficiently.

The Shape of Our Headrests Make All the Difference

Our memory foam headrests were designed with the help of a leading dental ergonomics expert, Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS. Their ergonomic shape gently reclines the heads of patients back, positioning them in the optimal position for dentists to work comfortably. This ergonomic positioning allows dentists to maintain a better posture, reducing pain and stress on the neck, back, wrists, elbows and shoulders. The memory foam interior also makes for a very comfortable headrests that keep patients calm and steady during even the longest procedures.

We offer three headrests for a very specific reason: each one is precisely sized to guide patients of different sizes into the most ideal position, allowing dentists the optimal amount of access during their procedures. They are also suited for a large range of industry-standard dental chairs.

Choosing the right dental headrest is important. You can select between:


  • Low-Profile Headrest: (Dimensions: 3.5” x 6.24” x 8”) Fits both flat headrest chairs and those with double-articulating headrests. These headrests are our most popular because they work well with patients of all ages and sizes.
  • Original Headrest: (Dimensions: 7 1/2” x 4” x 6”) Recommended for adult patients in dental chairs with a flat headrest.
  • Geriatric Headrest: (Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 6”) Designed specifically for older patients who have difficulty reclining their heads. It can be used in dental chairs with a flat headrest.


Even More Support for the Knees and Back

Our Headrests may be our leading products, but dentists and patients also love the comfort brought by our Knee Supports and Backrests. The Knee Support pad gently lifts the patient’s knees, stabilizing the patient in the chair while working in conjunction with the Backrest to alleviate pain and pressure on the hips and lower back. The Backrest also fills the gap in between the patient’s lower back and the dental chair, creating a cushion that supports the lumbar region.

Put it All Together For the Perfect Bodyrest System

When you combine the soothing comfort of our Bodyrest Chair Pad to our Knee Support, Backrest and one of our Headrests, you get the entire Crescent Products experience with our Bodyrest System. This complete system offers all the ergonomic benefits of our individual products, which work together to perfectly position patients while keeping them stable, comfortable and happy while you work.

Try Crescent Products Today

The only way to truly know how well our products work is to try them out for yourself. We know that you and your patients will love our head, back and knee supports. Visit our online store today to bring comfort to your patients.