dental chair headrests

When it comes to dental chair accessories, two things matter: quality materials and ergonomic design. But not every company can take a specific design, combine it with well-made materials, and create products that work well. The company also needs to understand the needs of patients and dental operators.

This is why Crescent Products is a leader in our industry. Not only were we the original creator of ergonomic dental headrests and other accessories, but our products were designed with both patients and dental operators in mind.

What makes our products different from other dental chair accessories?

Developed by Experts

Our low-profile ergonomic headrest was designed with the help of Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS, the founder and CEO of Posturedontics, an organization committed to providing dental professionals with the education and tools they need to deliver effective dental care with little to no musculoskeletal pain.

Our dental chair pillows are specifically designed to fill a void left by double-articulating headrests. They are a significant improvement over our original headrests (which are quite effective in their own right). This low-profile pillow is an invaluable addition to any dental chair. It’s no wonder that it has become our best-selling headrest.

Ergonomics Without the Gimmicks

We’ve seen many dental headrests on the market. Some of them use low-quality materials, while others use gimmicks to try and sell the ”effectiveness” of their products. But the effectiveness of a memory foam headrest comes from its ergonomic design. You’ll see companies focusing on how their products are made, but they don’t discuss why they actually work.

When a dental chair headrest is properly positioned (angled down) for the upper arch, the edge of the headrest can cut into the patient’s occipital area and cause discomfort. This issue can be alleviated with proper placement of a Crescent Products low profile pillow, which allows the patient to become more tolerant to the pressure of reclining with an extended headrest. It also allows the dental operator to maintain their best, upright posture.

For a quick look at the actual science and ergonomics behind out products, read our white paper: “Solving Patient Discomfort and Dental Operator Pain with Crescent Products”.

A Storied History from THE Original Creator

We first introduced our Bodyrest System to the industry in 1997. Since then we have helped dentists provide comfort and care to patients of all ages and body types. As innovators of patient comfort, we have continued to improve our products and place them on dental chairs across the country. Crescent Products work, plain and simple. Take a look at all our dental chair accessories in our online store.

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