Dentists and hygienists often have to strain themselves in order to work on a patient who doesn’t fit properly into a standard dental chair. This can cause long term negative effects for their back, neck, muscles and joints.

So, how can dentists and hygienists maintain proper ergonomic postures while working on their patients? The answer is simple: using dental headrests.

Dental Headrests Make a Difference for Ergonomics

By utilizing dental headrests for their patients, dentists and hygienists are able to position patients in a way that doesn’t cause strain on their own bodies while they’re working. In fact, headrests will actually increase the longevity of dental careers because the ergonomic posture will allow dentists and hygienists to work easier and for longer.

Choosing your Dental Headrest

There’s many different options available in the marketplace for dental headrests. And with so many options available, it could be difficult to determine which ones are best for your patients and dental office. Here’s our guide to help you choose:

  • The Original Headrest: this headrest allows dental chairs with flat headrests to simulate a double articulating headrest. This supports the necks of adult patients and moves them into a position that’s ergonomic for the dentists and hygienists working on them.
  • The Low Profile Headrest: this headrest pairs well with the chairs using double articulating headrests. It comfortably positions smaller adults and children in almost any chair, while allowing dentists and hygienists to maintain proper visualization and posture.
  • The Geriatric Headrest: best used for seniors that have trouble reclining their head. This headrest provides an additional two inches of support.

Additional Options

At Crescent Products, we know that dental headrests are only the beginning to your patient needs. That’s why we’ve developed an entire line of dental chair accessories including body pads, child booster seats and our full Bodyrest System, so your patients and the people working on them are comfortable.

Want to learn more about our headrests and which ones could service your patients the best? Contact our team today for more information.