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Today we are shining a spotlight on a great endodontist located right here in our home state of Minnesota: Dr. Del Mastro.

Dr Del Mastro has been practicing dentistry, with a specialization in endodontics, for over 8 years. He has been using our products for just as long. He tells us why he and his patients enjoy using our products.

Learn more about Dr. Del Mastro on his office’s website.

1) What do you like most about being a dentist?

As an endodontist, the most rewarding part of the practice is relieving people of pain, which can be extreme for people with toothaches.

2) Which Crescent products do you use in your practice?

The neck and lower back pillows.

3) Do your clients notice a difference when using Crescent’s products during a procedure?

Absolutely! The neck pillow especially. Even double articulating headrests on a dental chair do not compare to the comfort of a memory foam pillow that is designed specifically for dental patients.

4) What type of patient benefits the most from having Crescent’s products in your practice?

People with chronic neck and/or back pain.

5) Which procedures do Crescent’s products assist the most?

Where I see the greatest benefit on a per procedure basis is surgical treatments. This is because oftentimes the patient is lying on their side to some extent. Adequate support of the neck and back is important in these cases.

6) What style of dental chair do you use?


7) Would you recommend Crescent Products to other dental practices?

Definitely. We use the neck pillow for 100% of our treatments and the lower back pillow when needed.

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