bodyrest headrests and backrest

Our dental chair accessories are specially designed to help both patients and dental operators remain comfortable during procedures.They are resilient and easy to use, but there are few steps that you can take to get even more out of them.

In order to get the greatest benefit and longest life out of our products, follow these tips:

Setting Them Up

Your Crescent Products purchase comes ready to use right out of the package. They are quick to set up and easily attach to most standard dental chairs. If you are unsure about whether or not one of our products will fit your chair, contact our team.

We recommend that you set up headrests and bodyrest systems before your patient sits in the chair. These products can be left on your dental chairs at all times. With our backrest and knee supports, it’s generally best to have patient sit in the chair first and then place the product underneath them. This will allow you to easily adjust it to their liking.

Use During Procedures

Our products will remain steady in your chair. They are ergonomically designed to keep patients comfortable and steady even during longer procedures. If you are working with a child or a someone who is small in stature, you can flip the headrest upside down in order to properly arch their head back. This will keep their airways open and give you even greater access to the (mandibular) lower arch.

Cleaning and Care

All of our products are covered with a non-porous, medical-grade material that prevents liquids from soaking into the fabric. This makes them very easy to clean and disinfect. We recommend that you wipe down each product between patients and take the time at least once per day to do a more thorough cleaning.

In order to prolong the life of your product, avoid using bleach and other harsh chemicals that can fade the color of the pad covers. Most standard disinfectants like Birex, Cavi-Wipes, etc. can be safely used.

Still Have Questions?

If you ever have questions about the use or maintenance of our products, contact our team for a quick solution.