dentist and patient

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is today. As a company who provides products that focus on the comfort, safety and health of both dentists and patients, we here at Crescent Products are focusing on how you can make your dental office a better place to work and be treated.

The dental headrests and other products that we have created are ergonomically designed to make your work as a dentist or hygienist easier, safer and more comfortable. Working with dental experts like Dr. Bethany Valachi, the founder and CEO of Posturedontics, we have created a series of dental chair accessories that both patients and dentists love to use.

Comfort and Pain Management for Dental Operators

Musculoskeletal pain is a serious issue for dentists, with up 93% of dental operators reporting that they suffer from pain in one of the major regions of their upper body. These issues are due to the prolonged positions that operator maintain while working on patients. Even while maintaining proper posture, dental operators can still put a lot of strain on on the segments of the neck (from C1 to C7) as well as their shoulders, elbows and wrists.

These musculoskeletal issues can lead to a variety of problems that include:

  • A reduction in career longevity
  • An increase in fatigue  leading to the inability to treat more patients
  • Increases in pain and discomfort for operators
  • Future disability and injury

Working with Dr. Valachi, we designed and created a low-profile headrest that properly positions patients so that dentists and hygienists can work more comfortably and reduce pain.

“Proper placement of the low profile pillow will make the patient more tolerant to reclining and to the extend the headrest, so the doctor can maintain their best, upright posture.” Bethany Valachi, PT, MA, CEAS

Safety and Comfort for Patients

Our products are not only designed with your comfort and safety in mind, they also keep patients comfortable and safe, as well. By creating a comfortable environment for patients, they are less likely to become anxious or move around during long procedures.

“This low-profile pillow is an invaluable addition to every operatory with a double-articulating headrest. When the chair headrest is properly positioned (angled down) for the upper arch, the edge of the headrest can cut into the patient’s occipital area and cause discomfort” Bethany Valachi, PT, MA, CEAS

Want to give yourself, and your patients, the ultimate experience in comfort? Invest in the Crescent Bodyrest System. This system combines all the best products we have to offer. By combining our headrests, body chair pads, backrests and knee supports, you will be able to perfectly position your patients to keep them comfortable, and you healthy. Shop Today.