dental chair accessories

Cleaning dental treatment areas is an important part of running a dental clinic, but time spent cleaning is time not spent with patients. And as many dentists know, seeing more patients leads to more revenue. While you can reduce the time spent with each patient to squeeze more visits in each day, it’s better to streamline the cleaning and sanitation processes in between patients to make up the extra time each day.  

Where do you spend most of your time cleaning? The answer is always going to be your instruments and the dental chairs in your treatment rooms. The good news? You can cut down on the time it takes to clean dental chairs by using dental chair accessories. Their very purpose and design make it easier to clean in between patients. 

How do they make it easier to clean?  

They Are Removable

Turning over treatment areas for new patients requires intricate cleaning and sanitation. Dental chair accessories can help streamline this process by adding removal and easy-to-clean parts to your dental chair. When patients come in contact with a dental chair, the entire chair needs to be wiped down and sanitized. When dental chair accessories—which can consist of dental chair pads and dental headrestsare used, they are the only surfaces patients come into contact with. These accessories can easily be removed and cleaned in between patients. Dental clinics can even use two sets of accessories and have one set sanitized by an assistant while the other is being used to treat the next patient. 

They Have Non-Porous Coverings

Dental chair accessories are made from non-porous, medicalgrade materials that are easy to clean. High-quality vinyl covers prevent liquids, bacteria, and viruses from being absorbed into the material, making it easy to wipe away and disinfect the material with disinfectant cleaners like Birex and Cavi-Wipes. This material can also withstand multiple cleanings per day for years without degrading (using approved, non-abrasive cleaners). 

They Even Have Replacement Covers

Dental headrests have replacement covers that are simple to remove and clean. This not only streamlines the cleaning process, but it also expands the life of your headrests. The durable open-cell foam at the center of every headrest is designed to last decades, but it’s the vinyl covering that takes the brunt of the damage on a day-to-day basis. Buying replacement headrest covers is a low-cost way to make sure your headrests stay looking clean and new for a lifetime. 


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