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The dentist can be a scary place for little ones because of all the sharp equipment, loud sounds, and strange people they don’t know. That’s why it’s important make them feel as comfortable as possible during their visits. That way, their dental work can be completed more easily, and they won’t be afraid to come back whenever they have a cavity or any issue with their teeth. Since this is often no easy task for kids under ten years old, it helps to have a few tips to make things go more smoothly.

Make Your Dental Office Cheerful

Drab colors, old magazines, and dull fluorescent lighting all make a dentist office seem intimidating to a child. Luckily, this can be changed quite easily with a little bit of inexpensive redecorating. Simply section off an area of the waiting room with some bright paint that is in a cheerful color, such as yellow or orange. Then, put up some pictures of cartoon characters or animals. A small table and chairs with some games and toys also adds a nice touch. Don’t forget to decorate the examination room that will be used for kids, as well. Pay special attention to the wall directly in front of where they will be sitting when they get their dental work done.

Have a Relaxing Dental Chair

Having an uncomfortable dental chair is going to make it next to impossible for a child to sit still for the time it takes to complete their dental work. One way to change this is by upgrading the dental headrest to a memory foam headrest. Memory foam headrests are softer and more supportive, making your dental chair’s headrest feel more like a pillow.

Allow Parents in the Room

Children will feel more safe and secure if their parents are allowed in the examination room with them, especially those who are already suffering from separation anxiety. Be sure to add a chair for them to sit on that is close to the exam chair, but out of the way of dental operators. This will allow them to provide comfort to their children without impeding the procedure.

Meet With Kids Before Their Appointment

One of the newest trends in pediatric dental offices is to schedule a preliminary visit for new patients that doesn’t involve any dental work. The children are allowed to see some of the equipment and meet the dentist and staff that will help them. They also get a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some free dental advice on the importance of caring for their teeth properly.  What this does is give them a chance to be slowly introduced to the new environment, so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming to them.


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