clean dental office

Cleanliness is incredibly important in dental offices. Whether you operate a one-doctor office or bustling group practice, you need to ensure that your business is clean. After all, a clean office will help attract new patients and keep your old ones coming back year after year. Use the six tips below as a guide for improving the appearance and safety of your dental practice.

Know and Follow Industry Guidelines

Protecting patients should be your top priority as a dentist. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publish disinfection guidelines for dental practices. Post these guidelines in a visible location in your office and make sure anyone who handles and disinfects dental tools in your practice understands and always follows these guidelines.

Maintain a Beautiful Waiting Area

Clean your waiting area regularly. Make sure that carpets, upholstery and draperies are free of dirt, dust or stains. Wipe down tables, toys and magazine racks regularly. Do your best to keep the reception area well-organized. Doing so will make a great impression on old and new patients.

Disinfect All Clinical Contact Surfaces Regularly

Clinical contact surfaces are any surfaces that are touched regularly. While they may not come directly in contact with patients or bodily fluids, they can become contaminated during the course of a regular day. Drawer handles, light switches and faucets can harbor nasty bacteria if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Many of these surfaces can be covered with removable barriers that will be replaced for every patient.

However, it’s essential that you disinfect them with regular cleaning too. Use an EPA-registered disinfectant such as CaviCide to clean these surfaces on a daily basis. You should also clean dental chairs and dental chair accessories with CaviWipes or a similar disinfectant after every patient.

Treat Dusting Like a Top Priority

You might not love dusting, but keeping the cobwebs at bay will significantly improve the appearance of your practice. Remember that your patients spend much of their time at your office looking up at the ceiling and window frames. It’s crucial to dust these areas regularly.

Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Many of your patients will visit the bathroom during their appointments. Make sure that the bathroom is kept clean at all times. Assign someone to check and clean it regularly. A dirty toilet or sink makes a bad impression on your clients and may lead them to believe that you don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of your practice as a whole.

Choose the Right Dental Chair Accessories

Choosing the right products and accessories for your dental office can make cleaning much easier. When it comes to dental chairs and dental chair accessories, it’s essential that you choose items with non-porous surfaces that have been designed specifically with the demands of dental offices in mind. Crescent Products is one of the leading manufacturers of easy-to-clean dental chair products in the U.S. Browse Crescent’s online store to learn more about these innovative chair accessories.