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Referrals are the key to growing any business, but word of mouth is especially important for dentists. Every dental clinic offers the same basic services; it’s hard to differentiate the difference between dental services among offices. What does change from office to office is the environment created and the experience provided to the patient. Patients who enjoy their trip to the dentists or, at the very least, don’t loathe it, are far more likely to recommend their dentists to their family and friends.

While getting patients to like the level of service you provide all boils down to treating them well, actually encouraging them to give a refer more patients to you is another story. Here are a few ways you can encourage patients to recommend others to visit your office.

Offer Family/Friend Discounts

Financial incentives are often all people need to encourage them to take action. Try offering discounts to your current customers in exchange for referring family and friends to your office. If they have a copay, offer to cover it on their next cleaning if they refer a new patient to you. You can also lower your rates by offering group discounts to families or groups of friends.

Acquiring new patients (customers) isn’t always free, but the profits gained from acquiring new customers — who will continue to return to your business year after year — far outweigh the initial customer acquisition costs. Always weigh your investment in gaining new customers against the potential return you can see on those investments.

Encourage Reviews for Your Office

Have a patient who is particularly happy about your office and the service you provide? Don’t let that enthusiasm go to waste. When patients are pleased with experience, they generally want to tell others about it, but often won’t make the first move. Make it a point to ask your patients if they are willing to write a review for you on your:

  • Google business page
  • Facebook page
  • Website (you can include customers testimonials and quotes)
  • Any other aggregator website like Angie’s List, etc.

When people search for dental offices that are local to their area, they not only want offices that are conveniently located, they will also look out for offices that have a lot of good ratings under their name.

Create a Memorable Experience

Creating a one-of-a-kind experience is a sure way to get people talking about your office. Make sure to create a great office environment that people love from the moment they enter the waiting area all the way through treatment. The comfort of your waiting room and dental are also important. If you are looking for products to help you create a better experience for your patients, shop the Crescent Products store today.