We hear from a lot from dentists and their office staff that they’re always on the lookout for new ways to increase patient retention and reduce patient cancellations. Whether that means changing the way their staff sends appointment reminders, providing a better dental headrest, or even changing a few things around the office, they’re looking for effective tips that will change their business.

One suggestion we give to the offices we work with is to try creating an amazing office atmosphere. And while there’s many different ways to do this, these are some of easiest ways to make a big impact:

Atmosphere through Design

They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But does the same apply for the interior design of your dental office? Unfortunately it does.

If you want to create an inviting atmosphere for your office, we suggest straying from look and feel of a medical office. You know the sterile environment we’re talking about; white walls, beige counters, fluorescent lighting (that may or may not be flickering just a little bit). Instead choose soothing colors (blues, greens, yellows, etc.) that not only help create an inviting atmosphere, but also help reduce anxieties for patients.

Atmosphere through Impression

Quite possibly even more so than your design choices, your waiting area says a lot about your office’s atmosphere. As the space that gives patients their first impression, if your waiting room is dull and boring, patients will have that same expectation for the rest of their experience.

Instead of presenting standard medical office chairs and a few magazines, a more inviting waiting room often includes colorful wall art, comfortable seating like couches or club chairs, a fun water feature like a fountain or fish tank, and games to keep children occupied.

Atmosphere through Staffing

Nothing increases anxiety more than feeling uncomfortable. And this doesn’t just mean being uncomfortable in a chair. The staff at your dental office affects how patients feel while they’re in the appointment and can also determine whether or not they come back to your office.

Patients will feel more comfortable when greeted by a friendly smile and a hygienist that makes conversation and has a sense of humor. Make sure a fun, energetic, friendly staff is at the top of your list for creating a better experience at your office.

Creating Atmosphere with Crescent Products

At Crescent Products, our team loves working side by side with dental offices to make an impact on their business. Whether that’s with our dental experience products or by offering a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up while working with offices across the U.S., contact our team today to learn more about how you can make a big change to your business.