crescent bodyrest system

At Crescent Products, we have created a whole line of dental chair accessories that help dentists keep their patients comfortable while positioning them in ways that make it more comfortable to treat. While each product provides a different level of comfort, they all come together to make a treatment experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Here’s how our products work together to help dentists keep their patients properly positioned and more comfortable than ever.

Dental Headrests

Our dental headrests are what started it all, so it’s no surprise that these are the driving force behind the patient comfort our products provide. They may look like simple headrests, but their intricate design positions the patients head to make it easier for dental operators to treat. 

When treating the maxillary teeth on the upper arch, dentists need to position the occlusal plane of the upper arch 20-25 degrees behind the vertical. This allows operators to position themselves ergonomically so that they can work for long periods of time with minimal discomfort. The problem is that patients cannot tolerate this position because of the pressure it places on the back of their head. Crescent headrests eliminate this issue by providing a comfortable, memory foam pillow that supports the patients head, allowing dentists to position it properly.


While dental chairs have cushions that provide some comfort to patients, they often leave a void in the lumbar region, leaving the patient’s back unsupported, which can cause discomfort during treatment. Crescent’s Backrests fill this space with a comfortable, ergonomically designed pillow. Our backrest supports the curve of the lumbar spine while relieving pain in the lower back and legs.

Knee Supports

In conjunction with the Backrest, the Crescent Knee Support pillow helps stabilize patients while reducing pain and discomfort. Our Knee Supports gently lift the knees of patients, relieving pain-inducing pressure on the hips and back, all while providing support and aligning the patient properly in the dental chair. When patients are aligned properly, they are more relaxed, which allows dental operators to work easily, more quickly and with greater comfort. 

Dental Chair Pads

Finally, the Crescent Dental Chair Pad adds a substantial layer of memory foam padding to any dental chair. Our chair pads conform to patients bodies and work in conjunction with our headrests, backrests and knee supports to create the perfect dental patient experience. You can buy any of these products separately, but the best deal it to purchase our complete Bodyrest System. With six colors to choose from, this system is sure to help you position your patients properly, keeping them comfortable while you treat.