Studies show that 70 percent of dentists suffer from back pain. This is a staggering number and one of the top issues in dentistry today. Becoming a dentist has many benefits, but it also has its risks. Back pain is one of them, but what causes it? It turns out that there are four major causes of back pain in dentists. 

#1 Non-Ergonomic Dental Stools 

Back pain in dentists can be caused by the type of chair you are seated in for extended periods. Dental chairs do not typically recline, meaning you cannot relax to take a break. This can cause back pain in dentists as they spend hours sitting and getting minimal exercise. The chair’s seat should be wide enough to accommodate your legs and provide you with adequate support. 

Is your dental stool causing you pain? Find out how common dental stools cause back pain in dentists. 

#2: Poor Posture 

Poor posture is a significant cause of back pain among dentists. Dentists spend long periods of time in poor postures that cause neck, back, and shoulder pain. To avoid this, keep your back straight and avoid slouching over while working. It’s also important to take breaks from sitting down to stretch your muscles. Maintain good posture when in a dental chair, as this will prevent your shoulders and neck from becoming tense. A tilting seat pan can also be used to help maintain the best sitting position. 

Find out how you can correct your posture while working on patients. 

#3: Poor Body Mechanics 

Poor body mechanics can also cause back pain in dentists. You should always be aware of what your body is doing, such as pinching and holding a tool too tightly. Always maintain good hand-eye coordination while using tools during a procedure, use products that can help you maintain a more ergonomic working position, and always try to limit repetitive movements as much as possible. 

Using dental chair accessories that help you position patients properly can also be an effective way to help you maintain a better posture while working and reduce the strain on your body. Find out more about how these products can help you cut back on your pain here. 

#4: Lack of Exercise 

Dentists often maintain and hold specific positions throughout the day, causing their muscles to become stiff and tense. Performing exercises can help you stay in shape and prevent you from developing bad posture habits. Stretching back and hip muscles and core strength are the keys to reducing back pain. Try yoga or Pilates because these forms of exercise help strengthen core muscles on top of reducing the stress of being a dental practitioner. 


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