Dental anxiety is one of the biggest reasons why people have unhealthy teeth and gums. As a dentist, you have likely encountered certain patients that see your office as some kind of medieval torture chamber.

However, you can change that perception by having many of the things that patients look for in a dentist.

Here are a few of those things:

A Comfortable Setting

One of the reasons why many people avoid the dentist is the same reason they avoid their doctor: they aren’t comfortable. You want to do everything you can to put your patients at ease when they come in. This includes starting out with a smile and a hello.

You can also explain what you’re doing, especially if you’re about to do something that is unfamiliar to the patient.

Low Wait Times

Patients tend to avoid dentists and any other professional who is always running late. This is especially true for those who have to use precious vacation time for their appointments. While it’s not always possible to be on time, do your best to stick to your scheduled appointments and be sure to apologize if you’re running behind.

A Great Staff

Patients don’t just interact with you when they come in. They also have dealings with your staff, hygienists, and other people who work with you. In fact, they may have more interaction with your staff than they do with you during some appointments. This means you need to make sure your staff is being professional and friendly. You want everyone in the office to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

A Comfortable Waiting Room

No one wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair or stare at ugly walls while they wait. Just as with good staff, you need to have a nice waiting room for your patients that helps to alleviate any stress or pain that they may be experiencing.

Comfortable chairs, available water and more can make all the difference. You want this to continue back into the patient rooms, too, in the form of a soft dental headrest, soothing lights, and anything else that will help put patients at ease.

Comfort That Keeps Patients Coming Back

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