Depending on where your dental office is located, the winter can present a few problems when it comes to attracting new dental patients and convincing current patients to come in for regular cleanings/checkup. When temperatures drop, and snow piles up, it can be hard to encourage people to leave their homes. Combine this with fears of dental anxiety and you’ll likely notice a drop in the number of patients your business sees throughout the winter months. 

If you are struggling to get patients into your dental chairs during the winter, there are a few things you can do to encourage people to come in. 

#1: Emphasize How Dental Issues Become Worse in the Winter

Education plays a large role in increasing patient volume, and you can use this to your (business) advantage throughout the winter months. Research shows that dental issues—including tooth sensitivity, pain, and discomfort— can become worse during the winter. You know this, but do your patients? If they want to maintain their dental health and remain pain and discomfort free when the temperatures drop, it’s essential for them to maintain their routine dental visits and allow you to resolve their dental issues as soon as possible. 

Whether it’s using an email, phone call, or however you stay in touch with your patients, take the time to educate them on how putting off appointments can exacerbate the dental issues they have. 

#2: Offer Holiday Promotions

The winter months aren’t short of holidays, and with holidays comes new sales and lower prices on most everything we buy. Take this opportunity to offer sales to current or prospective customers, including free cleaning for new patients and reduced prices on other services. This can help you bring new patients into your dental clinic. 

#3: Take Advantage of New Year’s Resolutions

Many people make a variety of resolutions after the New Year, and many of these regard a person’s personal health. Take advantage of this renewed focus on self-improvement to tailor your marketing efforts towards those looking to make better decisions about their health and their lives. Encourage prospective and current patients to begin by setting up an appointment to take care of their dental health right away. 

#4: Stay on Top of Appointment Reminders

With the holidays and snowstorms taking up most of the mind space in a person’s head, it’s easy to forget about upcoming dental appointments. Sometimes, people simply forget what they have set up weeks or even months before. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of appointment reminders (whether they are sent via email, phone call, text, postcard, or any combination of the four). Try to remind patients a month before their appointment and then a week before, asking them to confirm that they will be there. If they cannot confirm the appointment, make accommodation to help them reschedule.