dental exam room

Every dental clinic has certain areas where they could improve the service they provide to their customers. This allows them to differentiate their business from others in their area, attract new patients, and retain patients for the long run. 

In order to obtain the best ROI, invest in these areas of your dental office. 

The Waiting Room

Your waiting room is the first and last thing patients see when visiting your office, making it an important first and last impression for your business. It’s also a place where patients will spend a good percentage of their time when visiting your office. Most importantly, it’s the place where you can really differentiate your dental clinic from others in your area. Everything from the décor you choose to the amenities you provide can be a good investment in your business. 

Choose a décor that is unique to your business and one that is relaxing and aesthetically pleasing for patients. When it comes to amenitiesmodernize your waiting room so that it has the latest technology, allowing it to become a place where patients will be happy to spend a bit of their time. 


Has your dental office technology been brought into the 21st century? Are you still using post cards as appointment reminders for patients? A surprising amount of dental offices have yet to invest in software and technology that helps them run their business. These business applications — from scheduling software to email automation — can help you market to and service your patients throughout their entire dental experience. Automated email reminders and text alerts can help remind patients of upcoming appointments, or to inform them that they are due for an appointment soon. Online booking also allows patients to book their owappointments on their own time and according to their own schedule. 

Many young patients will prefer to work with a dentist who utilizes technology in ways that make their lives easier. 

Dental Treatment Areas 

Dental treatment areas are the most important place in your clinic, and they can make or break a patient’s experience at your office. By investing in equipment, treatment devices, and other helpful products, you can create a dental office where treatment is relaxing and easy for patients, even those who suffer from dental anxiety. Some products that help make an enjoyable and comfortable dental treatment experience include: 

  • Televisions and music systems that play calming images and music 
  • Dental headrests and other dental chair accessories that make sitting for treatment more relaxing and comfortable for patients 
  • Lighting systems that can be dimmed to help calm patients 

When patients enjoy being treated, especially those with children, they are far more likely to become returning customers and stick with your practice. 


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