dental patient

Patient satisfaction is undoubtedly one of the most important things any dental practice can focus on and devote time to improving. Patient satisfaction can help you grow your business, retain patients and obtain positive reviews that encourage even more patients to try out your dental practice for their next cleaning or procedurePatient satisfaction comes in many forms, and it can include everything from the treatment provided to how comfortable a patient was during a procedure. It can even be the result of the good experiences patients have while working with a hygienist, receptionist and any other member of your staff. 

There are many ways that can help you improve patient satisfaction in your dental patients. 

Listen and Communicate Well

Communication between patients and providers is directly linked with patient satisfaction, and it can even improve healthcare outcomes after treatment has ended. One of the most important things dentists and hygienists can do is listen to their patient’s concerns with their oral health, document it, and communicate back in a way that is helpful, friendly and easy to understand. 

Encourage patients to ask questions and be sure to ask plenty of your own. This get patients more involved in their care, which can greatly increase the overall perception they have of the treatment they receive. When patients feel like they are being heard, they will ultimately be more satisfied with their dental visit. 

Provide Comfort and Choice Across the Entire Visit

From the moment a patient walks into your office to the moment they leave, give them a comfortable experience they will remember. Providing them with a variety of choices is also helpful in keeping them relaxed and comfortable during treatment. Some choices that can be provided to them include: 

  • The option to choose and play their own music during treatment 
  • A wide range of television channels, movies and relaxing images that can be displayed on a treatment room TV. 
  • The option to use dental headrestsbackrestsknee supports and other dental chair pads and pillows. These removable dental chair accessories can be used to position patients in a way that is most comfortable to them. They can also choose which ones they want to used based on their preferences and body size/type. 

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Use Follow-Up Surveys

Follow-up patient satisfaction surveys allow you to gauge how your office is doing and how well patients enjoy their time there. These can be used highlight areas of improvement, allowing you to focus on what needs to be done to make and keep your patients happy. If you are having issues getting patients to fill out these types of surveys, offer an incentive in the form of discounted services, gift cards and other rewards. 

You will be able to improve your office by discovering what your patients like and dislike about every experience they have during their visit.