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Back and neck pain are two of the greatest threats to the longevity of dental careers. With dentists spending a large amount of time in their days hunched over patients during treatment, it is inevitable that the result will be chronic musculoskeletal issues that can result in decreased quality of life, surgery or shortened careers.

While there are daily exercises and stretches that dentists and hygienists can do that will help reduce and alleviate back, neck and wrist pain, they must be done consistently in order for them to have any effect. On top of the added fatigue, they are also time consuming and can put a strain on already busy dental schedules.

The Better Solution

Properly positioning patients is the most effective way for dentists to keep themselves pain free throughout their career.

It is known that the most common causes of pain in dentists are from:

  • Prolonged static postures
  • Personal working habits
  • Repetitive movements
  • Poor positioning (forward bending, twisting particularly)

Long-term static postures and repetitive movements in dentists can result in anything from chronic pain to tendon disorders, muscle imbalances, disc degeneration or herniation, pinched nerves and a variety of other musculoskeletal issues.

By properly positioning patients, ideally by using a bodyrest system or some type of dental headrest, providers can properly maintain an ergonomic position during treatment that will allow them to remain pain free throughout their career.

How Does it Work?

The ergonomic design of dental headrests allow dentists to position their patients in a more suitable position for proper treatment. Proper patient positioning alleviates pain and tension on a dentist’s muscles, nerves and joints, cutting back on pain and discomfort for lengthy or frequent procedures.

Bonus Benefits

These headrests are not only better for dentists, but patients, as well. The added comfort of dental headrests can help reduce dental anxiety in patients of all ages. It’s a unique design that works for patients and dental providers.

Most dental providers will experience pain at some point in their career, which is why patient positioning is important. The dental headrests at Crescent are comfortable, effective and affordable.