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Foam and medical cushioning are a match made in heaven. That’s because the right type of foam makes the ideal supportive and comfortable surface for dental treatment. However, not all dental cushions are created equal. While modern dental chairs have the minimum amount of cushioning required to make a patient not feel uncomfortable, they do little to enhance the patient experience. 

The right type of dental foam cushions, when used in conjunction with standard dental chairs, can be a game-changer for your dental practice.  

What is the Best Type of Foam to Use?

The foam inside your dental cushions is arguably the most important part of the product. It’s what provides stable support for patients while also helping them feel more comfortable during treatment.  

What’s the best type of foam to use? 

There’s only one type of foam that provides the right mixture of support and comfort, all while being antimicrobial and suitable for medical environments: open-cell polyurethane foam. This is the type of foam Crescent Products uses in its dental headrests and other dental chair accessories. What exactly is it? In short, it’s similar to memory foam in that the foam is viscoelastic (it easily returns to its original shape after pressure is applied to it). 

The Importance of the Foam

Open-cell foam is a type of foam that has a low density, high tensile strength (it will not rip), and good shock absorption. This is because the cells within the foam are left open, allowing air to pass through them and making the material more malleable. For comparison, closed-cell foam is harder and denser, and while it still provides good protection, it’s not the most comfortable surface. Some examples of closed-cell foam are polystyrene (which makes up StyrofoamTM), neoprene (used in industrial gaskets), and silicone, all of which are not ideal for comfort. 

You can learn more about the open-cell foam used in our memory foam headrests here. 

Why Use Dental Headrests and Accessories?

Besides the added comfort they provide for patients, dental chair accessories also allow dental providers to properly position their patients for all types of treatment. They give you better access to treatment areas without you having to twist or body or hold uncomfortable positions for long periods. This can help reduce the strain on your body, prolong your career, and reduce the risks of developing musculoskeletal issues and disorders. 

They are the perfect mixture of comfort and support for your patients. 


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