dental headrest cover

Every Crescent Products dental headrest, chair pad, and all our other products are covered in vinyl. It’s a common material, but what makes it the best covering for dental chair accessories? There are several reasons why we chose this material to manufacture our products and why so many dentists love having them in their treatment areas. 

They Have a Natural Resistance to Bacteria Growth

One of the best qualities of medical-grade vinyl is that it’s not porous. This helps prevent the cultivation of viruses and bacteria, giving the surface of our products a natural anti-microbial quality. Materials filled with pores leave plenty of places for bacteria to hide, avoid disinfectants, and grow. Non-porous materials like vinyl take away these little hiding places. Every time the surface is cleaned, the bacteria there is washed away or killed with medical disinfectants. 

It’s Easy to Clean

Non-porous materials are also easier to clean. Cleaning porous materials means having to scrub harshly in order to get into the pores on the surface. With our vinyl, all you have to do is simply wipe it clean with your choice of disinfectant or even products as easy as CaviWipesMost disinfectant cleaners can be used, but there are some that should be avoided. Learn more about cleaning our products here. 

The vinyl covering on our headrests and other products also provides a waterproof surface. You won’t have to worry about getting the interior foam wet while cleaning, which makes your job easier and increases the life of the products. 


Vinyl is resistant to tearing and punctures, which means your products will stand the test of time. Although everything wears over time, you won’t have to worry about your products needing to be replaced in short time. We also offer replacement headrest covers, which are easy to swap out and renew your products. 


Most importantly, the vinyl covering on our memory foam products is comfortable to lie on. Your patients will appreciate just how comfortable your dental chair has become when outfitted with our dental chair accessories.  

It begins with a durable and comfortable opencell foam interior and ends with our high-quality, easy-to-clean vinyl covering. 


See the difference Crescent Products can make in your dental practice. Shop our dental chair accessories today.