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Improving smiles is rewarding. However, dentistry is a high-risk profession, according to the experts and the latest research. After years of hunching over and using small instruments, dentists and hygienists may encounter at least one of the following problems:

Infectious Diseases

In dental clinics, stringent protocols are in place not only to protect everyone but also to minimize the occurrence of accidents. If staff members come into contact with a contaminated needle or breathe in aerosols, they may fall victim to a range of infectious diseases. To help avoid this, it’s essential to keep your dental office clean and properly sterilized.

Psychological Issues

More often than not, the day-to-day operations at dental facilities take a toll on dentists and hygienists. The workload, however, is only half the problem. Staff members commonly suffer from frequent headaches and acute anxiety because of difficult patients and dire situations. Other stressors include isolation, confinement and personal goals. Hiring good people and maintaining a pleasant work environment are the keys to combatting workplace anxiety and other issues.

Musculoskeletal Issues

Working on teeth requires dentists to stand and bend in various positions, which tend to be awkward and uncomfortable. The more the body is in such positions, the more it becomes susceptible to musculoskeletal issues. Poor posture gradually leads to worse conditions, including severe low back pain. Not surprisingly, musculoskeletal disorders have given rise to a significant number of workers’ compensation claims. Staff members can possibly develop carpal tunnel syndrome, tension neck syndrome, tendonitis and other conditions.

These musculoskeletal issues are generally caused by improperly positioned patients, a problem that can be solved by using ergonomic dental chair accessories. Headrests, chair pads and other support pads help position patients in ways that give operators greater access to treatment areas, all while allowing them to maintain a better posture.

Mercury-Related Problems

Handling mercury is a surefire way to bring on all sorts of terrible afflictions. This explains why more dentists and hygienists are experiencing a gradual decline in their memory, dexterity and kidney health. Other issues include insomnia and irritability. As long as the staff members are exposed to this hazardous element, it’s reasonable to assume they will continue to be symptomatic.

Latex Complications

In a dental office, protective gear is a requirement, so it only made sense to start using latex gloves. However, the chemicals in these gloves bother anyone who is hypersensitive to latex. This allergy can land staff members in the hospital, considering it affects breathing and causes hives.

Stay Safe and Healthy

While dentists have a long list of responsibilities, hygienists have too many demands to take a break. Working side by side in a profession that has worthwhile benefits, the staff members in every center are serving a useful purpose. To reap the rewards without getting in harm’s way, dental professionals should take safety precautions, and it all begins with awareness.

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